Jodi Pickel

September 01, 2019 Fireside Chat

Jodi Pickel

Welcome Jodi Pickel, our Featured Provider of September!

This month we chose a provider whose been kind and consistent. Last year, Jodi courageously launched her online private practice, Origin Stories, and we’ve had the great fortune of joining her in this journey from the start. Accommodating needs for flexible scheduling and privacy, she makes time to ensure the good people of Vermont have a place to share their stories. We are especially proud of her tips and tricks for other providers just starting an online therapy practice of their own and are excited to share more of her insights with you all today. Keep empowering people, Jodi! We’re grateful we’ve gotten to play even a minor role in a chapter of your story!

What is your name and the name of your practice? How long have you been in practice?

Jodi Pickel 
Origin Stories
1 year

What do you do for fun? What hobbies do you do? Tell us about you outside of your "provider" role. :) 

I love to swim, hike, read and spend time with my family. My favorite activities are long walks, enjoying the 4 seasons of Vermont and taking small trips to step into the ocean waves and soak up the beach sun. My goal is to travel more and learn from new experiences, encounter and build ideas, continuing to expand my abilities to provide an empathetic ear and support.


Favorite Book?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson

Favorite TV Show/Movie?

The Wizard of Oz 

Where do you practice (state, etc..) and what areas do you specialize in?

I practice in all of Vermont, providing online therapy. I specialize in anxiety, depression and self esteem, coping skills, life transitions, relationships and parenting.   

Why did you go into your profession?

I went to college for Social Work late in life, and found hope after a traumatic childhood that unravelled in adulthood. While surrounded by amazing professors and classmates, I learned that my story mattered and shaped my life. I realized that this story that I had been so ashamed of empowered me to face adversity and change my path to an enlightened one. This led me to supporting others in finding their change of path. 

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do. Brené Brown

What are you passionate about in your practice?

I am passionate about empowering individuals and couples to tell their stories, and feel understood. The process in how they find their next journey is something that I am very thankful to see.

How long have you been doing online sessions with your clients?

I provide therapy online only and have been in practice for 1 year.

Why did you start using thera-LINK to see clients?

I began using Thera-LINK in September, 2018 when I started my practice. 

Do your clients find that online sessions offer them similar results as coming in to an office? Do they prefer online sessions or in office? Was it a difficult adjustment for them?

I find that most clients who reach out to me prefer online therapy sessions. My clients have reported better results in online therapy for scheduling and privacy. I have not experienced a difficult adjustment, it has been really wonderful over all. 

What would you tell someone just starting out with an online option for their clients? Any tips/tricks or things you've learned along the way?

I would recommend having a plan for paperwork if you are not ever going to meet in the office. I offer the choice of sharing the documents on thera-LINK or mailing. Also, I advise clients to go on the Thera-LINK website and check their browser and connection. I often schedule a 30 minutes free consult to test the internet connection and make sure that it feels comfortable for the client. The best motivator for clients in not having to drive to the appointment or a lunch hour session in their office at work. 

Test Your Bandwidth Now

Where do you work from mostly? (i.e. home office, beach :), actual office where you see clients in person as well?)

I work from my home office and when necessary an office away from home. 

Did you purchase any new equipment when you embarked in an online practice? Either way, what do you use for your sessions? (i.e. laptop/tablet, webcam, headset, big monitor)

I bought a new laptop and printer, but if you already have these items, you can be up and running today. My laptop has the webcam and I do not use a headset so for me it is just my office and my laptop. I print my notes but you can actually write and store notes on Thera-LINK during your sessions if you prefer. 

Learn more about Jodi or get in touch with her through the directory today!

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